We Die Like Fen

(Open, Unmoderated, Gift Exchange Challenge)

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Sun 02 Jun 2019 11:50PM EDT
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This is the exchange where you might not actually receive anything (because there are no pinch hits)
It's also the exchange where you don't get to nominate anything (because there's no tagset)
You might not even end up with an assignment (because unmatchable people's signups are deleted)
If you do get an assignment, you will be responsible for writing it in the next 48 hours (because this exchange is literally three days long)
People who fail to complete their assignments will have their AO3 name shared, along with the name of the person who they defaulted on (because this exchange has a name and shame clause)

If any of this seems unfair or unpleasant, then the exchange isn't for you! :D



This exchange is intended as a community writing challenge. It is supposed to be fun and sort of stupid, but it's not a bad fic exchange. Do your best to help the challenge succeed!

No Pinch Hits
You can treat if you want
If your offers don't match, your signup will be deleted. This could cause a cascading failure that knocks out more than just one participant. Actually, it probably will. This isn't an issue, and it's not something that will be or needs to be fixed.
If you match to yourself and no one else, I'll probably assign you to yourself.
There's a non-zero chance that this exchange will completely fail, and no one will even get assignments
There's no obligation to read any gift you get with if the tags don't agree with you
Art is only allowed if it's noodle or macaroni art
The name and shame clause is for both fun and bragging rights. Don't take it too seriously



Minimum word count: 1000 words
This isn't a bad bang clone. Try to make decent fic!
Matching is Fandom AND 1 Freeform. No ships, characters, prompts, or letters.
Min requests is 1 fandoms, 1 freeforms each
Min offers is 1 fandoms, 1 freeforms each