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Heroine's Hourglass

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I still don't know what's compelling me to do this. Why are my brain and body disconnecting themselves from my own self-preservation? The thought that I need to find Kay is directly linked to my moving body, almost like I'm a marionette being moved and however this thought entered my head is the only thing moving me. Whilst I'm trapped under it in my own mind watching this happen.

Climbing out of my bedroom window.
Away from the safety of my home.
Out into the unforgiving cold wind.

And right into the clutches of a hungry, vengeful wolf.

Maybe it was the cold wind that brought me back to my body? Or was it the image of a man that towered over me heading straight for me?
"Hello, little mutant" a voice like velvet that turned my very blood to ice and froze my limbs. 
"Who...who are you?" I could barely get the words out; a lump was in my throat, my heart was in my stomach and no air could enter my lungs. He was speaking but all I could hear was the arrhythmic thumping of my heart getting faster and faster, at this point I'd likely have a heart attack before he finished his sentence. 

He brandished a knife.

No, nonono, this isn't actually happening right?!

As the knife was pulled back the moonlight hit it just right to cause a glint, no wait, that wasn't what caused the light. There was something behind the knife, just hovering there. A small,  shining hourglass. How was it shining yet not casting light on anything else? Something compelled me, drew me towards, my hand raised to reach for it but this ended up being the worst mistake at the time.

This caused him to jolt but his reactions were better than I realised and he adapted. Grabbing my wrist and dragging me forward, he moved so fast! I felt searing heat accompanied by an odd numbness in my stomach, I didn't even need to question what had just happened. I'd seen the knife and now I was feeling the pain, looking down all I could see was the hilt of the knife and red around it as if desperate to escape my body. 

'So, that's what pouring blood looks like, it's more red than I thought'

Lifting my head as I felt my eyes fill up and gloss over, there was two permanent things in my vision. A crazed and fully sated smile and the same hourglass, still glowing but now within the palm of my hand barely a millimetre away from my touching my skin. Darkness was quickly creeping into my vision and I felt movement around me, a tug from inside my stomach and something cold pressing into my palm.

And then something hard hits my head.

More bizarrely, I'm not in pain. I'm not exhausted, I'm not cold and my eyes are blurred anymore. Blinking a few times, I find myself back in my warm bedroom, the only things that are cold are my left leg that's on my windowsill ready to heave my body outside and my right hand, that's holding onto a freezing cold hourglass.

This couldn't be real, what just happened couldn't be real! Either that, or it was and I'm on the verge of death!

Frantically I throw the hourglass onto my desk, slam my window shut and press both my hands under my shirt to my stomach. Nothing, nothing but smooth skin and my navel. My breath becomes ragged, my brain folds in on itself trying to make sense and I feel my face contort as tears start to form. I grab my pillow hold it to my face and just scream, it quickly devolves into sobs.


I hold the hourglass to my chest, cold tear stains down the front of my face and my head on my wet pillow looking up at the ceiling. None of this made sense, maybe I should have looked out of the window to see if he was there, then I could have been sure.

"I don't think I'll be sleeping tonight, not that I do much of that anyway"